Charley Biggs Chicken N' Sauce

  • If you thought our chicken was good - try our sauces!!
  • Carefully marinated, hand breaded - every time!!
  • Bring Charley Biggs Chicken to your location
  • Your home for chicken

Charley Biggs Chicken N’ Sauce ™ ® began in 2004 when a group of industry veterans teamed to design a fresh “in-store” foodservice program more in sync with the needs of today’s grocery and convenience store retailers. The Charley Biggs’ program combines premium ingredients, seasonings, and sauces with marketing, training, and support solutions to help retailers (both large and small) lay a foundation of continued growth in what has become a multi-billion dollar market (fresh fried chicken.)

Today, more than 800 retailers throughout North America have integrated the Charley Biggs™ system and/or product set in their foodservice offerings. More importantly, Charley Biggs’ retailers routinely enjoy annual foodservice sales growth as consumers choose Charley’s great tasting chicken and premium dipping sauces over other local offerings.